Thank you for your hospitality, very nice place, we loved it.   Huguette Thibodeau,   january 2018

 Very nice atmosphere. We sleep and we eat well.  Is a guaranteed return.  -Rollan St-Onge, Jean-Charles Vachon and the Saint-Onge family,  december 2018

 The house is filled with beautiful energy. We had a perfect holiday. The food is divine. Thank you so much . –Johanne Perron,-Isabelle Perron, Sheila Jaffé, Amelia Johann Lanworth, december 2017

 An oasis of happiness in every way. -Odette Belleau, november 2017

 I have never experienced such a pleasant stay! I will come back at the first opportunity  -Francine Desrochers, novembre 2017


“We would like to thank Émile Cloutier-Proulx who put your pretty inn on our path. What a warm welcome! It made us feel at home. And Le P’tit Bonheur de St-Camille is a concert venue you need to experience!”

– Jo-Anne & Daniel

March 11, 2013

“Gorgeous inn. Tasty meals and sophisticated presentations in the dishes. The lounge is an invitation to relax, play board games, read, and take a deserved nap after a fun hike on Mont-Ham. Thank you and congratulations for the enchanting site.”

– The Forest Family

December 30, 2012

« Vielen dank für die gute Gastfreundlichkeit, das gute Essen und die Untrerbracht.  Tschüss bis zum nächsten Wiedersehen. »

– Lathar & Thess

May 5, 2012

“Such a welcoming, pastoral inn,  a great place to take a break. My love and I had a great weekend!”

– François

July 16, 2011

“We’ve had a wonderful stay… The setting, the ambience, the food, everything was perfect. Thank you for your warmth. We’ll be back for sure!”

– Marc & Annick

March 2, 2009

“Wow! Wow! Wow! A fantastic weekend! You guys are super-welcoming hosts and your food is remarkable (nom nom nom). We loved everything about our weekend. You have a gorgeous inn, and we’ll recommend it to anyone in our neighbourhood who wants to take a breather. Thanks for everything!”

– Three ladies from Sorel

April 2008

“Thank you and congratulations for your great concept. Very inspiring! See you soon!”

– Sébastien

June 2007

“I will treasure the memories from my stay at La Mara. Everything was wonderful from beginning to end: the greeting, the place, the food, and the rest, not to forget the surrounding nature…”

– Pierrette B.

July 2006

“A warm welcome, and a head full of memories. Excellent meals. We hope to come back one day, but you are a long way from Réunion Island… Kisses from the whole Indian Ocean (‘mi aim’zot tout’ in creole)”

– The Festin-Dermenonville & Secy Families